Frutti di Mare | July 2022
& The Reboot | January 2023

Lucy Stark is a painter and printmaker living in Oakland, CA. In her art practice, she documents food and dishes with personal significance as a way to capture and celebrate the euphoric yet fleeting moment right before a meal commences.

From Lucy on her design for our first-ever picnic blanket: “Frutti di Mare translates to 'fruit of the sea' (or seafood). This picnic blanket is inspired by the ocean’s bounty and the experience of dining al fresco with friends. The dishes in Frutti di Mare are based on a picnic I had in Tomales Bay where some friends and I enjoyed fruits, the sea, and plenty of fruits of the sea. For me, the best time at the beach is after a salty swim when the snacks come out. With this blanket, even after the last sardine has been eaten, the picnic never has to end. The oysters will stay chilled, the baguette won’t go stale, and you can pretend you brought more than a bag of chips to the beach."

Lucy was the perfect artist to bring a picnic blanket to life with her bright colors and delicate details that recall those nostalgic feelings of friends, family, tradition, and decadence. Since our first collaboration, Lucy has shown her work at MRKTGLLRY and Mini Mart galleries in San Francsico and continues to build her art practice. She is definitely one to watch. 


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